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Greeting from U.S.A.

Alcune impressioni sui mixing ci arrivano anche dalla lontana America. Queste sono le parole redatte via mail da C.Terenzio dedicate a Vendetta. C. ha richiesto e avuto il suo cd di Faust e grazie alle varie mail che ci siamo spediti si è istaurato un ottimo rapporto che ci ha fatto "arrischiare" un suo giudizio sul nuovo materiale.
Ecco il risultato:


The CD of "Faust" arrived yesterday from Kinesis. It’s really, really good. The production on it is very clean, and the playing is very good. I loaded it on my iPod, and I will spend some more time listening to it in the next few weeks. From what I’ve heard, it reminds me of the Yes and Genesis music from the 70’s. For me, that was the "golden age" of rock – so much creativity and love for music, played by musicians that believed in what they were doing. Italy has so many great bands from that period also, as well as currently. I really miss Italy and need to get back there soon.

Now I have to tell you a funny story.

I have a cat, and my cat reacts to music in very funny ways. If I start playing music, and the cat likes it, he runs around, scratches his scratchboard, jumps on the sofa, and scratches the pillows. When I played "Vendetta", he ran around *a lot*. The only other song that he reacts to like that is "Bohemian Rhapsody".

Speaking of Queen, your voice sounds like a mix of Pavarotti and Freddie Mercury. A great "soaring" quality, and fits in well with the music that Minstrel plays. "Vendetta" is a great sample, because all of the band gets a good amount of limelight on it – your vocals are great, great drumming, great guitar and great bass too!

Good luck to you and the rest of Minstrel with the new record – I know that the creative process is not something that can be forced, and any art takes time to complete. I’m sure that it will be a great record when it is finished. Thank you for the emails too – you have been very kind, and I wish you and the rest of the band success. You deserve it."

Grazie ancora e a presto!


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